Tickets for Our Planet Live are on sale now!


The tickets for Our Planet Live in Concert are now on sale! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the biggest natural history live production ever! The Emmy Award®-winning series that took viewers on a spectacular journey of discovery around our planet. Now, it is becoming a two-hour arena show in a never-seen-before scale. Highlights of the Our Planet series are combined with creative innovations. Brand new arrangements and intelligent lighting will truly immerse the audience. The show will include a 66-piece live orchestra and a live vocalist, the magnificent Lisa Hannigan.


Our Planet Live in Concert aims to increase awareness about the importance of preserving our natural habitat. More importantly, it highlights the consequences that will follow if we don’t. Alastair Fothergill of Silverback Films is a pioneer in creating concerts around landmark wildlife series. His previous projects include Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Frozen Planet. On Our Planet Live, he says “Our Planet will be the most ambitious concert performances we have ever created. The show will be combining the advanced sound and visual technology with Steven Price’s wonderful score and the powerful images from the series. We are very excited by the ambition of the Our Planet concerts to take the quality of the audience experience to a new level”.


The ground-breaking Our Planet series premiered on Netflix in April 2019 to a global audience in 190 countries worldwide. It focuses on the breadth of the diversity of habitats around the Earth and it is truly a breathtaking adventure around our planet. It showcases the beauty, but also the increased fragility of our natural world. Our Planet explores the fact that humans have become the greatest threat to the survival of our planet, and all the species that inhabit it. Whilst at times a hard watch, the series also highlights the fact that there is still time to address the challenges that we have created, if we act now. It helped people to understand what is at stake and realise how imperative it is to lobby businesses and governments to start paying attention.


The first shows have been announced and the tickets are now on sale! Get them here.